A Reflection, After The Outstanding 16 Years

Along 16 years as a journalist for Kompas daily is an excellent part of my life. Experiences that I had, like a revolutionary leap, from the darkroom to the vast field. During that period, so many things whereby I see closely from my own eyes. Yet, I have been a crucial part of the information chain to the audiences.

The significant role I have done is giving the best perspective to the people related to the public discourses. If a fact can be seen from many sides, I offer the best point of view based on the public interest. It is the principle of journalism that I choose so far.

What is the exciting part of my journey? If you are in the epicentre of the information, so the challenge is choosing the best fact. But now, it is not enough. I have to choose the right point amid the ocean of data. There are so many hoaxes around us that pretend to be the real fact. Without adequate literacy, I can lose in the siege of information.

Basically, I am an ordinary journalist who wants to be professional in my field. I am proud to be part of Kompas daily as my workplace. This media that has 300.000 circulations in print and 800.000 digital registered users hold a crucial role in the history of the Indonesian press. Kompas is the pioneer of meaning journalism or crab journalism.

Kompas used to convey its criticisms politely. It does not just point to the failures in its criticisms, but also the success stories. This type of journalism is not without its critics. Many accusations have been laid against it, such as cowardly, playing it safe and seeking profit. The values in Kompas teach me not to judge anything be black and white.

After this, I plan to face new challenges. I do not lay on the big name of my company. I am a professional journalist. I plan a second revolutionary leap for my workplace, for me, and beyond. That plan needs consistency and persistence. The history is in the making.

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